About Us

We are Mosae Sports, a sportswear store raised out of a need for a change in the Dutch baseball world. Our company consists out of three owners, Frank Cramer and his two sons Maikel Berghmans and Mitchell Berghmans. The family has been around the game for the last 17 years adopting its love and mistakes. Because there are almost no baseball stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we took the initiative to raise one of our own. We as a family are trying to make every baseball player and club feel special when they come to Mosae Baseball. Our goal is to advice and facilitate every player's needs.

The name Mosae is born out of our families history which all started in Maastricht, whom the Romans called "Mosae Trajectum", meaning "a place to cross the river Meuse", which is located in the most southern part of the Netherlands. 

Everything started with our idea to raise a foundation called Dutch Tigers. Dutch Tigers gives baseball players the opportunity to play at professional Spring Training venues in the state of Arizona. After the first trip to Arizona in 2010, which was a great success, the players of this team were very interested in the clothing and materials we used from our sponsors.

We, Mosae Baseball, want to make a difference by visiting players, teams and complete clubs to present them our products, knowledge and experience by our own hand. This way customers will get a better feel for our products.

We work with:

- High quality products;

- Quick and high quality service;

- Upcoming brands from the USA and Europe;

- Clear and free advice about our products;


Thank you for visiting MosaeSports.com,


Mosae Sports


Chamber of Commerce (KVK), Netherlands: 57039941
Tax number (BTW), Netherlands: NL852413798B01 NL
Registered as Mosae Baseball V.O.F.